Since our founding in early 2015, the VMA has worked to develop and host community events including show & tells, workshops, and swap meets by partnering with local organizations like the Shenandoah Arts Council and Handley Library. These events allow members to present their current projects or ideas to the community, and attendance is often characterized by both those familiar with the organization as well as curious first-timers. Through these events and other gatherings, several community projects have been developed including the construction of Little Free Libraries for the Literacy Volunteers organization among others.  In 2017 the VMA will be partnering with The Handley Regional Library to present Maker Mondays, a monthly meetup focused on projects and workshops and facilitating Maker Camp with the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum.

Feb. 25th 2015 – First community interest meeting

May 11th 2015 – First Show and Tell

Jan. 25th 2016 – Federal nonprofit status awarded

Feb 17th 2016 – First Swap Meet

Jun. 16th 2016 –  8 Little Free Libraries donated to Literacy Volunteers

Mar. 16th 2017 –  4 bat houses donated to Parks and Rec.