The Valley Makers Association is proud to announce that we have become a Chapter of Makers Making Change!

This exciting opportunity is shared by only 10 U.S. based makerspaces.

Makers Making Change is an innovative community-based initiative that connects makers to people with disabilities to create affordable open source assistive technologies.

Makers Making Change is run by the Research and Development Group of the Neil Squire Society; a Canadian National not-for-profit organization that uses technology, knowledge, and passion to empower people with disabilities. The main focus of R&D is to create and utilize new emerging technologies that can enable persons with disabilities and promote their inclusion in mainstream society.  

Makers Making Change uses emerging technology (Arduino microcontrollers, 3D printing, laser cutting for example) and integrates the culture and movements that surround them (the open source movement, the maker movement, and the crowdsourcing movement).


By leveraging open source assistive device designs created on demand at the local level, we can eliminate costs associated with current distribution models. By using open source design, we can deliver assistive devices to communities and people that need it at  1/10 of the cost. The democratization of assistive technology production is a social innovation that can transform inclusion, and increase connections within a community.

The Makers Making Change website hosts an Open Source Assistive technologies Library(aka Open AT). All of the projects in the library use an open source license, which means assistive device designs and project files are available free to be downloaded, easily modified and printed anywhere that has a 3D printer. By the end of 2022, there will be hundreds of open source projects available free for download.